Event: 2020 Jayco Herald Sun Tour
Class: 2.1
Officiating Body: UCI
Country: Australia
Event Start Date: 05/02/2020
Event End Date: 09/02/2020

Listed below for your reference are the Volunteer Terms and Conditions that each volunteer
accepted and acknowledged as part of the completing the volunteer application process.
These Terms and Conditions are designed to enable the “Event” (Jayco Herald Sun Tour) to operate
smoothly and safely. By applying as a volunteer with the Event, you (the “Volunteer”) accept and
agree to be bound by these Terms.

As a volunteer assisting the Event (including its employees, agents and contractors), I agree that, at
all times, I shall:
1. Work for GTR Events (GTR) in a volunteer capacity without financial payment or incentive;
2. Abide by the policies and procedures of the Event as amended from time to time;
3. Attend all volunteer briefing sessions as required by the Event;
4. Attend all volunteer shifts as allocated by the Event, and contact the Workforce Manager as
soon as possible if I am unavailable due to illness, injury or extreme circumstances;
5. Represent the Event in a professional and courteous manner at all times;
6. Undertake my tasks and duties as outlined to me, and follow the directions of my Event
Workforce Manager or Course Management;
7. Seek assistance as needed from my Workforce Manger or Course Management or an Event
staff member;
8. Wear the Event uniform (including accreditation pass and lanyard) provided to me at all
times while on duty in a neat and presentable manner;
9. Drive (if requested to do so) a GTR Events vehicle in a safe and responsible manner upon
completing the necessary vehicle paperwork;
10. Not incur any debt or pledge any credit on behalf of the Event at any time without the
approval of an authorised the Event staff member; and
11. Advise the Event of any situation that is unsafe or not satisfactory, or any tasks that I feel I
am unable or uncomfortable undertaking as part of my duties for the Event
12. Not speak to the media regarding the event under any circumstances;
13. Complete the post event survey when issued to me by the event organisers
I understand that while fulfilling my duties as defined within my position description, I will be
covered by GTR Events current insurance policy.
In return, I understand that the Event shall use all reasonable endeavours to provide;
1. A safe and enjoyable environment in which to perform my tasks and duties;
2. Briefings and supervision to enable me to carry out my duties as an Event volunteer;
3. Recognition of my status as a volunteer, including benefits such as meals and uniforms
depending on the nature of my volunteer role; and
4. A mechanism to report any unsafe or unsatisfactory situations that I could be faced with.
I acknowledge and agree that I undertake my duties as a volunteer for the Event at my own risk and
have no claim against the Event or GTR Events for any loss suffered by me. I also acknowledge and
agree that the Event reserves all its rights to supplement, amend or otherwise vary any and all Terms
and Conditions, and policies and procedures that affect my role as an Event volunteer at any time
and without notice. The Event also reserves all its rights to vary or change my responsibilities as a
volunteer or withdraw its appointment of me as a volunteer at any time, without being required to
show cause.

I acknowledge and agree that:
1. I may be photographed or filmed during the Event and I consent to GTR Events using my
picture and likeness contained in any photographs or film for publicising the Event and for
promotion of any future event organised by GTR Events.
2. GTR Events collects, uses, discloses and otherwise handles my personal information in
accordance with the terms of its Privacy Policy Statement
3. My contact details will be used by GTR Events and/or third parties partnering the event. This
includes but is not limited GTR Sponsors. Any correspondence sent from these entities
would be restricted to future events, news, and promotions. These communications include
the ability to opt-out.
Should you not wish to be contacted for any other reason other than to be provided with
information relating to the Event, please advise by email to workforce –



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