Welcome to Beechworth, a picturesque village located as the base of the Victorian Alps.

Known for its rich cultural heritage, Beechworth has been home for the notorious and the eccentric including the celebrity-status Ned Kelly and Robert O’Hara Burke.

Today, the beautiful scenery of Beechworth is a mixture of English style cottage gardens and rugged Australian forests, with relics of gold mine diggings that nod to the Gold Rush past of the 1850s.

The soils that once held gold in deep reefs is now prized for its geological composition that has seen Beechworth’s liquid gold -Chardonnay, Gamay and Pinot Noir become some of the most revered wines in Australia.

Short walks in and around Beechworth is the best way to explore this historic town. Make sure you grab a coffee or hamper before setting out so you can enjoy one of the perfect rest spots overlooking one of the surrounding valleys.

You must take a walk around Lake Sambell on sunrise and head to Woolshed Falls on sunset for a truly dawn to dusk Beechworth experience.


For more information, visit https://www.explorebeechworth.com.au/


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